Our history starts in 2008, when Ramón Farré and his brother Oriol received the 1st Award for Technological Innovation in Lleida (Spain) with their patent on the Ball Head Technology® (Pat. ES2577509T3).


Given the common and problematic unfavorable position of dental implants, and the limited plus inefficient solutions the market offered, the Farré brothers’ created the Ball Head System®. A revolutionary screw-driver connection with an angulation capacity of 30o degrees and 100% efficient in torque transmission, which prevents screw head stripping.

This pioneering project in the field of angulated technology reflected their vision in regards to a new paradigm in solutions for screw retained prosthesis and the award became the starting point of our company.


Just a decade ago, talking about emergence correction, rectified screw access or screw and driver connections with angulation capacity was something quite exotic in our professional environment.

Fortunately, and thanks to the CadCam development, the relentless evolution that started with Ball Head Technology® has turned these new solutions into a daily common concept in our work, as well as Angled Abutments have become a standard in Implantology.


BHS30 and UBH30 angled solutions are the result of our quest for efficiency and they are born as an answer to the needs of aesthetics, functionality and reliability we detected as dental implantology professionals, both from the view of prosthetic technicians as from implantologists.


The team of professionals at Ball Head Technology® shares a clear vision of the future: focus our Efforts, our Talent and our Potential in offering the market’s safest, most efficient and innovative angled solutions to the most demanding clients.

Test them, and we will become your benchmark partner!


Our prosthetic abutments are manufactured under the strictest quality controls and is subject to the highest specific requirements and standards in each case, which guarantees perfect functionality and safety in use.


We want to be your reference center for Research and Development and thereto, together with other research institutes, we regularly publish scientific studies and technical articles to test our products and broaden our range of solutions, according to our continuous improvement policy.

Oriol Farré, Founder
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Ramon Farré, Founder

Joan Miquel Gonzàlez, CEO
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Jordi Rué, CTO
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Iñaki Cercadillo, Scientific Advisor
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Grégoire Laurent, Technical Assistant